The 80′s Brick Phone Featured in the Huffington Post

Hey guys, the Huffington Post featured the 80′s Brick Phone in an article earlier today which is totally sweet.  Thanks to Jason Gilbert for the article.  Here’s the first couple paragraphs, and you can read the Full Article Here.

80's Brick Phone in use

Have you ever wished that your cell phone could make you look like an ultra-radical stud to the max?

Killer news, dude: Designer Brad Helminkhas created what he calls the 1980′s Brick Phone, specifically designed to resemble those clunky early-model mobile phones used by Zack Morris in Saved By The Belland Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. Helmink is raising money to mass-produce the fat phones via an Indiegogo project, and when the goal is reached and the retro phones ship out to customers, you can expect to look something like this while gabbing on your cellular

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The 80′s Brick Phone – Coming Soon

The 80′s Brick Phone will soon be coming to Kickstarter and retail stores nea you, stay tuned for updates on release dates and where it will be available.

80's Brick Phone

Shots of Me Using the 80′s Brick Phone

I took some shots of me and my wife using the 80′s Brick Phone prototype.  Thought I’d post them here so you could take a look.

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More Shots of the Prototype

Here’s some more shots of the painted prototype of the 80′s Brick Phone. Still missing the keypad and other details.

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Painting the Prototype

I just got my parts for the prototype for the 80′s Brick Phone and am painting them up.  I’m getting excited that this project is coming together and nearing readiness for Kickstarter.  Check out the photos.

80's Brick Phone Prototype

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