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80's Brick Phone FAQ

You might have questions about this totally rad phone, and we'll try to answer them below.

What is a "Brick Phone"?

A term used to describe the first cell phones used in the 1980's because they were shaped like a giant brick.

Will the 80's Brick Phone work with my phone?

The Short answer is YES!

If you have a phone with bluetooth capabilities, the 80's Brick Phone will work. Plus, it's super rad!

Does the 80's Brick Phone work with my iPhone?

Um, Yes!

The simple answer is yes. And there is no not-so-simple answer

What is Bluetooth?

Seriously? Ok, if you really don't know...Bluetooth can be used to wirelessly synchronize and transfer data among devices. Bluetooth can be thought of as a cable replacement technology.

How do I charge my 80's Brick Phone?

Convenient mini USB Cable

The 80's Brick Phone charges via mini USB cable. Simply plug the cable into the bottom of your Brick Phone and into your computer or other usb charging device. (mini usb cable not provided)

How do I pair my phone?

It's Simple Really

Make sure your phone's bluetooth setting is turned on and that it is discoverable. Then, hold down the "Snd" button on your 80's Brick Phone until you hear a beep followed by another beep about 3 seconds later. Then follow your phone's instructions on discovering new bluetooth devices.

How long can I talk on my 80's Brick Phone?

The 80's Brick Phone battery lasts for 10 hours of talk time and over 60 hours of standby time.

What comes in the Box?

Other than the envy of all your friends?

We like to keep it simple, The 80's Brick Phone and instruction manual are all that come in the box.

Can I buy an 80's Brick Phone if I live outside the U.S?

We love everyone

Yes. International Shipping will apply.

How much is Shipping?

If you live in the U.S. shipping is $10. International Shipping costs will depend on what country you live in. Once you place the item in the cart you'll be able to better determine shipping costs.

This Brickphone has taken my coolness to the max! Everyone asks me where I got it.

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